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Pla Marcell World refers to everything we do around the world: study trip to London , the exchange with Hamburg , the project with Poland, the exchange of experiences with Pistoia…

The Institute Pla Marcell was born with the desire to educate people and values ​​from a thoughtful approach , aware of the importance of the individual in society and , therefore, the influence of the work that everyone has contribute to the progress of this and coexistence of its people the aim of the center is to prepare healthy , creative , uninhibited , able to be displayed as they are and accept others who feel good in the group that love nature, people integrated into the surrounding local, national and European level , with the knowledge and skills necessary to face the future in the twenty-first century society

We motivate the various subjects of the educational community in this , because at our school we have a PILE  ( Plan Integrated Foreign Language ) and experience in the period 2012-15 teaching CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning ) Social Studies classes . The opportunity to participate in this project can change and evolve what our students think about language and improve their English language skills can try an incredible experience, both for our students and other the educational community. We need to make our students’ Citizens of the world , taking as a reference in Europe. Such projects to encourage boys and girls , and teachers to see Europe as their field and keep up with just your town or nation.

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